Employee Benefits, Insurance, and HR Consulting

Employee Benefits, Insurance, and HR Consulting are complex business demands that are made more difficult by the abundance of options, regulations, and compliance, and the constant evolution of each industry.

Employers and their workforce are often challenged when it comes to finding great employee benefits, HR consulting simplicity and adequate coverage for their business. At Think Health Consulting, our experts understand the deep intricacies of your organization and take an intentional approach to problem-solving for your business and your people.

If you're ready for a revolutionary approach to Employee Benefits, Insurance, and HR Consulting,​

You're Ready to THINK HEALTH

Ideal Benefits Attract and Retain Talent

Think Health is the partner employers turn to when it’s essential to create healthcare benefits that are attractive to their employees. Our team delivers benefit programs that serve the needs of your workforce while prioritizing your bottom line. 

Performance Requires Expertise

No matter your business’ size, the complexity of HR Consulting demands expertise, and an ability to keep pace with changing laws and innovative practices. Think Health provides an environment for our HR clients where they can learn from one another and receive guidance from resources that provide answers.

Everything Requires Risk Management

Scaling organizations and managing growth are complex. We leverage data, analytics, and human connections to create market-aligned Risk Management solutions designed to advance culture, people, and profitability.

What Our Clients Are Saying

An Absolute Godsend!

Think Health has been an absolute godsend! This is the most caring and dedicated group of insurance professionals that I have ever dealt with. They put human compassion back into the often daunting and impersonal gauntlet of finding the right insurance plan. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to Kyle and his team for helping me to secure both a private plan for my adult daughter in addition to a small group plan for my employees. Kyle and his team were able to find solutions for my unique needs when other brokers did not. Think Health walked me through each step of the application process and patiently answered a multitude of questions. There was never any pressure, yet they worked diligently to find solutions that would take care of me and my employees. I trust this team completely and I will never go anywhere else for my insurance needs. Think Health will forever be on my gratitude list!”​

—Terri L. Jones, Ph.D.

Incredibly Responsive and Helpful!

“EVERYONE is saying that the ThinkHealth folks have been incredibly responsive and helpful. That means a LOT coming from Trinet, who could barely give us the time of day and then when we had their attention, they would provide little to no information and if they did get us info, it was inaccurate.”​

—Monique Elwell